Virtual reality

Zone Plus offers 4,500 square feet of entertainment including a section of virtual reality stations featuring about 50 immersion programs from a games and application library containing more than 800 titles. This technology allows the creation of an artificial environment in 3 dimensions.

Throwing axes

In the same way as archery or darts, axes throwing is simply taking an ax and throwing it on a wooden target, whether for pleasure, to let off steam or to compete friendly. using a simple pointing principle.

Ubisoft escape game: Escape the loste Pyramid

Escape The Lost Pyramid is a virtual reality escape game that takes place in the world of Assassin's Creed Origins. In teams of 2 or 4, you will live an extraordinary adventure that would be far too dangerous in real life! Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, it's the next-generation social virtual reality experience


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