Expérience Maeva


At Expérience Maeva, you can become the creator of your own authenticity. By selecting the scents of your choice, you can create your own personalised perfume. It will be a unique and refined fragrance. It will be your OWN.

Perfume Bar: Participants can choose a base (already made up of 3 scents). They then choose 2 heart scents and 2 head scents, creating a 15ml flask of joy.

Group Workshop: The participants create 30ml of perfume using perfumer techniques. First, they choose an olfactive family. Starting with this family, I suggest scents from the base, heart and head, in this order. They choose 4 base scents, 4 heart scents and 4 head scents.

Our team at your service

Pierre Poulin
Pierre Poulin
Convention and Knowledge Tourism Delegate